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VML Singapore was engaged by INSEAD to drive the revamp of their institutional website, internal digital properties as well as additional digital touch points globally. The process started out with re-imagining user flows, content layout and presentation, to ultimately delivering customised information to diverse user groups in six clicks or less.

Using wireframes as a starting point, I worked closely with the UX team to flesh out each page in the approved look and feel. Each element on desktop also has to translate smoothly into smaller displays such as tablet and mobile. Tablet and mobile adaptations of the pages were also created during the process.

Case Study Video

Agency: VML (Singapore)
Client: INSEAD

Creative Director: Joshua Sim
User Experience: Michele Wang, Fala Sharil
Art Director: Tobing Lanata
Designer: Shawn Choy
Front-End Developers: Sherwin Anos, Prem Kailasu

April 2016

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