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Piracy Uncovered

Microsoft wanted to encourage people in Indonesia and Thailand to purchase authentic software. Software piracy is rampant in the Indonesian and Thai markets as it is so much easier to purchase a fake copy from the countless shops peddling them than to hunt down an authorised reseller.

Through a series of three web videos, we sought to uncover the dangers of pirated software. We leveraged on the strong belief in the supernatural, which still exists in many Asian cultures to show viewers how they may unwittingly bring something home with them by using fake software, ultimately leaving them with the message that piracy costs more that they think.

Agency: Wunderman (Singapore)
Client: Microsoft

Creative Director: Keith Tan
Art Director: Moses Gunarman
Junior Art Director: Soenar Santoso
Copywriter: Liao Junqi
Junior Copywriters: Shawn Choy, Chan Long Teng

Production Company: R!OT

May 2013

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